Somatic Support

Somatics is the process of restoring the innate connection between body & mind to a state of wholeness. Using movement, embodiment practices & deep feeling, we work directly with the unconscious patterns stored in our bodies. 

Letting the body lead, we are able to get beneath the patterns that don’t serve us leading us to feel more present & alive in our lives.

In these sessions, we go beyond the story and into our bodies. We learn to slow down in a fast paced world and truly listen to what our lives are communicating to us.

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a set of principles guide my work from radical aliveness:

  • knowing i don't know
  • being willing to be changed by my encounters
  • welcoming everything
  • cultivating a non-shaming heart & attitude
  • honoring multiple perspectives
  • do no harm
  • do your part

What to Expect:

  • I invite in expressive modalities such as dance, movement, improvisation, role play, vocalization & art making

  • Going beyond the story & into your body

  • Invitations to look at relational dynamics (to self & “other”)

  • I hold space knowing that you know your own experience better than anyone else

  • This is a collaborative process that you are an active participant in

  • Invitations to bring what you learn in session into your life


  • We will set intentions at the beginning of our work together

  • Meetings via zoom or in person (San Diego only)


Each session is $175 USD a session and one hour in length.

If finances are a barrier to you in this work, schedule a consult call with me & we can discuss options. I allocate a certain number of sliding scale spots for all my offerings.

Madison Nees Art Expression

If you find yourself at a crossroads, schedule a free curiosity call to explore if we would be a good fit.

What People Are Saying

“Through years of traditional talk therapy, I gained a tremendous understanding of why my life took the turns that it did, why I felt the things that I felt… Things I felt much regret and confusion about… However all of this understanding did not alleviate what I went into the therapy for… persistent anxiety and lack of self confidence. After just a few sessions with you… all of the sudden, the anxiety and constant tension loosened its grips little by little… I gained an understanding and acceptance of all parts of myself. Learned to listen to my body, my inner child, teen, my creative artist, and my ancestors… You taught me to honor my anger, sadness… gave me the tools and methods to move forward. You helped me to unearth my true self… to peel away all the noise… and to find my truth again.” – Evelyn

“The self exploration and uncovering hidden parts of myself has been life changing. Through our work together I learned more about myself than I ever thought possible. I have taken hard looks in the mirror and not always liked what I saw, but have learned to love and not judge these pieces. Coming from a past of guilt and shame, learning to love all of myself and just acknowledging those emotions instead of allowing them to define me has opened up new doors and a way of looking at life.”  – Former Client