Somatic Ritual


“Simply said, ritual is any gesture done with emotion and intention by an individual or a group that attempts to connect the individual or the community with transpersonal energies for the purposes of healing and transformation. Ritual is the pitch through which the personal and collective voices of our longing and creativity are extended to the unseen dimensions of life, beyond our conscious minds and into the realms of nature and spirit. Ritual is a form of direct knowing, something indigenous to the psyche. It has evolved with us, taking knowing into the bone, into our very marrow. I call ritual an embodied process.”
– Francis Weller

Somatic practices existed long before any formal Western training in somatic healing, only they looked like dance, ritual and ceremony. Our society no longer emphasizes listening to our internal worlds and building community. Instead more energy is put into our external worlds. Often leaving us dissatisfied and disconnected. 

From an early age, most of us learned to sacrifice our own internal worlds in order to exist within a world that prioritizes logic and power over emotion and expression.

Somatics are about learning to listen to not just your own body but the body of the land as well as our human, plant and animal kin. Starting with the body first in the therapeutic process, we begin to explore the aspects of self we may have left behind to exist in the predominant culture.

In these sessions we follow the body and spirit using ritual, somatics and energy work in order to connect us more deeply to our impermanence and ultimately our lives. With me, working is a collaboration built on a foundation of trust. It is important that every piece of a person’s identity is allowed to exist in the therapeutic process. I will act as a guide as you find your way home – to yourself and community of well ancestors and beings. I hold a secure space for you to explore the deepest parts of your world, and find your place in it. Together, we will unlearn and feel.