Somatic Practice

Somatic Practice

Tree with roots

Many somatic practices existed long before any formal Western training in somatic healing. These practices engage the mind and body. They draw on and foster energetic and emotional connections within and around us.

Our body is always communicating. However, we experience so much sensory input at any given moment that the system can become easily overwhelmed.  Our society doesn’t emphasize listening to our internal worlds. Instead more energy is put into our external worlds. A numb and busied society is more likely to remain silent in the face in injustice. Some of us, from an early age learned to sacrifice our own internal worlds in order to exist within a world that prioritizes logic and power over emotion and expression.

Somatics are about learning to listen and then explore the sensations within us. Starting with the body first in the therapeutic process, we begin to explore the aspects of self we may have left behind to exist in the predominant culture. 

In sessions, we will focus on discovering ways to be in our bodies that enable us to connect with inner knowings underneath what was conditioned in our thinking and behaviors. Together, we will sit with the discomfort of being human. The way I work with each client in unique and tailored to individual needs. There is no one size fits most approach to healing. My practice if focused on bringing about real life results and building practical somatic techniques that empower the individual to be an active part of the healing process.