This is aN intimate six month VIRTUAL journey that is limited to 12 individuals.


Beginning at fall equinox (September) going into the descent of winter (Katabasis) and emerging (Anabasis) on the spring equinox (March). We begin Sunday, OCTOBER 1ST.

katabasis \ kəˈtabəsə̇s \ noun. A mytheme or trope in which the hero embarks on a journey to the underworld. The hero or upper-world deity journeys to the underworld or to the land of the dead and returns, often with a quest-object or a loved one, or with heightened knowledge.

Throughout this journey of descent to the Underworld of the deep creative self, we will learn to honor the Life – Death – Life cycles that have always been present in our lives. We will build embodied skill here. We will take risks and find deeper meanings. My hope is that we will also learn to create from this space. We do the work of reclaiming what has always been there so we can bring it into the wider web of life.

It is time. We are ready. The subterranean entices us yet it is what we have been taught to fear. 

Death has been relegated to the deepest corners of our minds and become wrought with fear. Yet, death and the ancestors have so much to teach us about this one precious life. Something as indigenous to the psyche as RITUAL has been forgotten by predominant culture and deemed “evil”. We are often taught from a young age to hide from one another and from ourselves seeking approval rather than attunement. Our lives have been sterilized and disconnected from the source – our deep roots. Together, we will take them back and build trust in ourselves there.

If the depths beckon you like they have always called me, this is your message to stop running. I promise you that you can do it. Sometimes what we most fear, is where we must go if beckoned.

It is time to remember what our bones have never forgotten. 

There is a place inside that knows. We have been told to fear this place. This limitless, expansive, dark space within and under our feet. It does not need healing and we need not fill it. It calls for embracing – for listening – for deepening. It is holy. In it’s emptiness, it is full. Within us and below us lives a place of knowing, of being & a place of absolute prescience.

This is a journey of reclaiming and re-knowing what has always been lurking inside – in the depths.

black background with "the way to connect to the other world is through this one"
two white candles that are lit and moody.

What to expect:

– A journey to the depths-

– Handmade ritual items sent to you from me to assist you in your journey

– Cultivating a dance & movement practice

– Anatomy of ritual & embodied ritual practice

– Building your own toolbox of somatic skills

– Plant spirit work

– Ancestral reclamation & exploration

– Cultivate the ability to be with & express strong emotions

– Cultivate or nurture a Creative/Magical practice

– Community support through the darkest time of the year

– Radical Aliveness groups

What I hope you will walk away with:

– Building trust with the unknown and Life – Death – Life cycles of nature

– Come out in the Spring with more embodied skill to navigate the topside world

– Connecting to your deep body wisdom and creativity

– Questioning and integrating societal/ familial messages you received

– A deeper sense of connection to the world/self

– Reverence for the mundane and life as ritual

– Ability to be honest with self/others – Skill to be where you are at any given time


Do you feel the call? Interested in next steps? Let’s set up a no cost no pressure healing ritual! This is a free service I offer to give us the opportunity to co-regulate and connect. I love to connect with the folks I will be going on such a deep journey with – So, even if you are on the fence let’s set up a call to explore if this space is a good fit. 

During this six month journey, we will be entering a new gate of exploration each month:

October: Ancestor/Myth/LAND – PREPARE FOR DESCENT


December: Going Underground – CULTIVATING THE SENSES


February: Becoming Creature/Resurrecting Instinct – BEGINNINGS

March: Awaken Curiosity – MANIFEST IN THE TOPSIDE WOrld


**This is a container where we will all be encouraged to attend all live VIRTUAL gatherings and be in THEIR leadership.**

Practice and Integration of the course material is integrated into the group schedule.

1st Meeting – Ritual

2nd Meeting- No official meeting. Course content for practice will be released.

3rd Meeting – Radical Aliveness Process Group

4th – Integration Week (This is when most of the breakthroughs happen so although there is no content – just wait – you’ll see.)

This iteration of the group, we will have a guest teacher Esi Evans of Wild Holy Human who is a priestess of Isis and RA Practitioner join us to teach dance & movement. 

We will also be adding some optional community village practice sessions with last years cohort.

Meeting dates:

10/1 – Opening Ritual
10/8 –  Course Content Released for Practice
10/15 – RA process group

10/22 – Integration week
10/29 – Ritual
11/5 – Course Content Released for Practice
11/12 – RA process group
11/19 – Integration week
11/26 – Ritual
11/19 – Course Content Released for Practice
11/26 – RA process group
12/3 – Integration week
12/10- Ritual
12/17 – RA Process group
12/24 – Integration week due to holidays
12/31 – Course content released for New Year
1/7 – Ritual* (Guest teacher Movement)
1/14 – Course Content Released for Practice
1/21 – RA process group
1/28 – Integration week  
2/4 – Ritual
2/11 – Community Village Meeting
2/18 – RA process group
2/25 – Integration week
3/3 – Ritual
3/10 – Community Village Meeting 
3/17 – RA process group 
3/24 – Final closing ritual

**Dates are subject to be added/changed due to the nature of this work depending on group consent and needs – I work in flow and more will be revealed

The green bottle.


I am offering extended payment plans up to 9 months in order to find a plan that works for you.

A deposit of $400  is required to secure your spot & will be subtracted from the tuition cost.

This offering has three tiers. Which tier is best for you will be discussed during our intro call. Please see the green bottle to know where you fit on the scale. LGBT+/Queer/BIPOC will be prioritized for scholarships.

Tier 1: $3,500

Tier 2: $4,500

Tier 3: $5,500

Don’t let finances be a barrier if you feel called – Let’s chat.


If you have done extensive therapy on yourself and have awareness of many of your patterns but you feel ready to take the next step. Many of us have awareness of ourselves yet lack the embodied skill to actually live a life that is ours. If this is you, this is a course for you. 

If you are spiritually interested and want guidance about how to work with deeper energies. This is for you if you long for a deeper connection to your guides and ancestors.

If you feel that you are a wild artist & want to let yourself out of old patterns – Come alive if you will.

This is for the ones who dream of stranger worlds.


Someone who is looking to be told all the answers and not willing to step into their leadership.

This workshop is not appropriate for someone who is new to therapy or having active trauma responses of any kind. i.e. Substance use issues, eating disorder, chronic dissociation, etc.

This is not a training and does not certify you to do Radical Aliveness work.

Follow the link to set up a 1 on 1 meeting to connect about KATABASIS. In this 45 complimentary ritual space, we will explore the depths. I honestly live for these chats and offer them to give us the opportunity to co-regulate and answer any questions you may have. So, even if you are on the fence let’s set up a to get curious about the depths. 

I am letting the tapestry of my being fall apart and I will know when it’s time to start weaving myself back together again.

What People Are Saying

Honestly I was stressed about money and it was a stretch but I gained more than the cost of this course. You won’t lose anything. Originally I was scared of this level of transformation. After the journey, I’m a lot less of a perfectionist and I never understood the way that it impacted my relationship to ritual. I am not much more relaxed about how I engage with ritual. The perfectionist is not in the way anymore. It’s still there but something else is resolved. I feel a lot less neurotic and more animal. I embrace myself as animal and even when I forget I remember. relationally I am much more forgiving compassionate and curious. I am not as afraid of reflection as I used to be. – Azza, Past Katabasis Participant

I used to have a 180 view of myself and Katabasis gave me a 360. It helped me see the more shadow aspects that I normally avoid. I originally didn’t know what I was going to uncover and I was scared what I would find. I really liked the honesty in conversation and not shying away from things. When conflict arose in the group, we would engage it directly and talk about it. My biggest transformation was finding a ritualistic way to be with grief and doing it in a loving way. If you have been feeling lost and want to get to know yourself better, I would recommend this journey to you. If you’re on the fence, take the risk. Its a safe place for you to explore the risks. There is great learning that you get about yourself when you step in. Madison shows up herself as a leader in a really vulnerable way that creates a lot of trust in the group.  – Michaela, Past Katabasis Participant

I had a lot of apprehension about what would happen in a container full of strangers I’ve never met  – I was afraid of conflicts, call outs, cancellations, division and chaos mirroring much of what is going on in our modern world.  But, what happened was quite the opposite.  The most powerful and impactful part of Katabasis was connecting to my (late) mother from a place of love and forgiveness, which was something I never thought I would feel ever in my life. The alchemy created in the space has literally changed my life – as Katabasis started to come to its closure, my family was presented with an offer to move out of state.  We are now embarking on a new journey in a new part of the world. This huge life shift was due in part to joining Katabasis and confronting my own underworld.  Katabasis cleared the way for new things to come into my life. 

 To enter a container full of strangers and to come out of it feeling immense love for our collective existence and the beauty of  being human has altered my core being.  – Allison, Past Katabasis Participant

Before I went through Katabasis, I was always so avoidant for staying in relational discomfort (including with self). I just never felt safe. But somehow, through doing this over and over again in small and medium doses within Katabasis, I’ve developed quite an appetite for it.

After Katabasis, I feel my body responding to things with a level of acuteness and sensitivity I never even dreamed possible. But I have become exponentially clearer in not only sensing into but receiving and making space for my desires, my yes and my no’s, my irritations, my impatience, my exhaustion, my rage and anger. It’s uncomfortable and also I feel really excited and proud for the ways I’ve said yes to expanding my own capacity.

I’m a lot more resilient than I thought I was. I’m deeply in touch & in love with my own body. I’m more of an underworld creature than I give myself . I now have access to my anger & leadership. – Jonathan , Past Katabasis Participant