Finding Your Breath

Finding your breath

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We may sometimes find ourselves not putting much thought into why we do what we do or think as we think. Naturally, it’s a lot to stay present! The world moves quickly and we may feel pressured to follow suit. Often at the cost of our internal worlds. This can leave us feeling disconnected from self as well as our communities. Do you ever question where we got such urgency? Together, we will take time to slow down and reflect. This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience with Breathwork and Somatics.

Our breath has many stories to tell us if we just listen. Our breath can help us connect to the same force that moves though all things. In this workshop, we will explore various types of breath to find the way that our body in the moment wants to experience Breathwork.

All proceeds for this workshop will be going to fund a Tulsa, OK public elementary school in starting their own mindfulness program. This program is called, “The Peace Academy” and was started by Dr. Wanda Armour.  Please sign up and visit the following page to learn more about the fundraiser and donate through Donors Choose.

*If you cannot make the workshop live, a recording will be provided that expires 7 days after the workshop occurs.