What is Breathwork?

Under the sway of an extreme emotion, have you ever held your breath? We tense our bodies and hold our breath in an attempt to control the feeling. Instead of trying to control it, what would happen if you breathed into the feeling? In breathwork, we do exactly that. Breathing into the feeling, we unlock it and explore its origins. By exploring, we begin to understand how the quality of our breathing reflects the quality of our lives.

Together, we will gently use movement, vocalization and breathing to explore our internal landscapes. We set free repressed emotions. Breathwork shifts the body’s balance between carbon dioxide and oxygen, producing a change in consciousness. In this new state, we can perceive and experience things that are otherwise hidden from our minds. 

Madison Nees Workshop

History and Origins of Breathwork

Since ancient times, breath has been central to many spiritual and religious traditions, literally and figuratively. The Hindu word “prana” signifies breath, wind, and air—the vital life force. In ancient Greek, “pneuma” meant breath, soul and the spirit of life.

The relationship between breath, health, and states of consciousness has been explored for thousands of years.  Yoga, Taoism and the medical and meditative practices of India, Tibet and China all explore this landscape. Ancient cultures recognized the breath as a primary vehicle for life energy (prana) and as a vital link between mind and body. For centuries, these cultures have worked with the breath to harness and direct prana, facilitating healing and self-development. Among the best-known forms of breathwork are Vipassana meditation, Pranayama, Qigong and Tai Chi.

Individual Breathwork Sessions

Each breath is a journey, bringing you a little closer to yourself. Through our breathing, we learn to open up to the full potential of our lives.

30 minute free phone consultation
Together we will establish goals for our work together.
These sessions will include customized somatic exercises to aid you in your journey between sessions.

Our time together will focus on connecting you with your body. We will work towards the intentions we set during each session. Each session is different and builds upon the last. We will develop a window of tolerance, using breath and sensation to increase our ability to live and express ourselves fully. I will guide you through a customized breathwork experience, using music, sound, movement, and connection.


We are all in relationship. When we think about relationship, we tend to think about the romantic variety. However, that is only a part of it. We are in relationship with our friends, family members and even the mail man. We are in relationship with all things. Breathwork is the perfect modality to reveal your connection or disconnection to those things. Breathwork in a safe, contained environment is the perfect place for people to explore their relationship to self and others.

This option is for people seeking deeper relationship exploration, communication, vulnerability and exploration.

Private Group Breathwork

These groups are for up to 15 people, smaller than the general workshops. This workshop option can be customized to fit your groups’ needs. Corporate Wellness events and private parties available with this option.

Group Includes:

  • Customized Playlist
  • Intention Setting
  • Community Building and Introductions
  • Explanation and History of Breathwork
  • Breathwork Practice
  • Meditation and Exploration
  • Group Process and Integration

Come together in a community of your choosing. Learn to slow the mind with a Corporate Wellness event. Connect more deeply with a group of friends and family. We will choose to breathe into all that we are. We will learn to approach ourselves with a sense of curiosity. Together, we will set intentions before the breathwork practice, and we will allow time at the end of the session for integration.

Contact me below to see if this offering is right for you.

Disclaimer: Like most types of therapy, Breathwork isn’t appropriate for everyone. If you have a history of epilepsy/seizures or are currently pregnant please see some of my other somatic offerings to begin working together.

Breathwork is a very powerful tool that can evoke strong emotion. I will support you as you guide yourself through this experiential exercise in a way that is present and mindful of the body. However, my offerings are not to be used in place of traditional therapy or medical help but rather in addition to it.