Art Expression Sessions

When was the last time you intentionally created your next thought? Creativity is not only for a select few. The human brain is designed to create. The mind longs for creativity. We are in a constant state of creation. The more we learn to use our innate creative ability, the more we can control what our mind creates. Unexpressed creativity can manifest as anxiety and an an inability to sit with your own mind. Through Art Expression, we learn to slow the mind and engage our creative potential. Art can also promote the release of dopamine, helping to subdue anxiety and depression.

I will create an individualized plan for our time together. We will use both art education and mindfulness techniques unleash creativity. Self-expression reveals aspects of yourself you may have overlooked and can be incredibly healing work. This work prizes the process of creating more than the product itself. This process is suitable for all levels—whatever your artistic experience, the key is to use artistic expression to achieve honesty with yourself.

  • Self-discovery: Creating art helps you to acknowledge and recognize feelings which lurk in your subconscious.
  • Self-esteem: The process infuses you with a sense of accomplishment, strengthening your self-appreciation and confidence.
  • Emotional expression: Art therapy provides an outlet for expressing feelings and fears. It is difficult for some to express complex emotions such as sadness or anger with words. When you are unable to express yourself, but require emotional release, making art may help you to do so. This aspect of creating art is perhaps its most powerful gift.
  • Stress relief: Living with anxiety, depression or emotional trauma stresses both your mind and your body. Creating art relieves stress and relaxes you—naturally, and in the ways most significant to your own experience.

Duration: 75 minutes

Cost: $125 (Sliding scale available)

Madison Nees Art Expression