me in the trees

Hi, I'm Madison 星 (She/They)

Originally, I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am a queer, mixed raced Japanese American. I have lived and practiced on Kumeyaay land (San Diego) since 2012. I am a counselor, guide, and facilitator for expression and breathwork. 

I have worked in the addiction and mental health industry since 2015. I am a lifelong student of the body. I dedicated myself to studying many somatic processes, including Core Energetics, Radical Aliveness and Breathwork. I am committed to continuing to learn and expand the ways I am able to hold space for others. I am a certified yoga teacher, Breathwork facilitator, Radical Aliveness practitioner, artist and Drug and Alcohol Counselor. Buddhist and animistic ideas from my ancestry inform my spirituality and how I work with others.

My own journey includes healing from addiction, anorexia nervosa, loss of culture and self. When I began my journey of personal transformation, I did not understand that the pull to somatics was a call of my ancestors. I was being pulled to heal all the things my mother could not and ultimately lost her life avoiding. I was being pulled to feel the things my Grandmother had no language for.

My body knew the language however, and it spoke in illness, pains, aches and rage. It also spoke the language of held grief and aloneness. During this process, I discovered gifts hidden beneath these repressed emotions. These gifts were the sensations. The gifts were the grief. They were the intuition and creativity of my lineage. I always tried to “do” something with the emotions but my healing advanced the more I simply sat with them. Instead of trying to push them away, I wondered what would happen if I let them grow. They grew into my practice today. 

With me, working is collaboration built on a foundation of trust. It is important that every piece of a person’s identity is allowed to exist in the therapeutic process. I will act as a guide as you find your way home – to yourself and community. I hold a secure space for you to explore the deepest parts of your world, and find your place in it. Together, we will unlearn and feel.

I work with youth and adults from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. I believe in a non-expert model that empowers the individual and collective to tap into their own wisdom rather than me as facilitator having the answers. My goal is to create spaces where groups and individuals can explore aspects of their identity and backgrounds. I welcome feedback and regularly seek supervision from practitioners that are in alignment with my values of anti-racism, equity, accessibility and community. I believe placing people over profits in my work.

A note about sliding scale: My goal is to make this work accessible to all. If the fee is a  barrier to accessing services, let’s discuss sliding scale options. Especially if you identify as a Queer, Trans Person of Color (QTPOC) or Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC).